Research in our group focuses on understanding how microbial life impacts human health. We are working on studies of the complex communities of microbes that live in association with humans. We are interested in the development of the microbiome in infants and children, and the associations among environmental and dietary exposures, the human microbiota, and risk for infectious and other diseases. We develop novel computational approaches for exposing the interactions between the various components of the microbiome in order to enhance our understanding of its structure and responsiveness to perturbation. We work to link together the knowledge gained from different measures of microbiota composition and function to identify the microbial consortia that contribute to disease risk or protect health. 



Annie HOen, PhD

Annie completed her PhD in epidemiology and public health at Yale University and was a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Epidemiology, Biomedical Data Science and Microbiology and Immunology at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth. 

ERIKA DADE, MS  Erika is the lab data wrangler. She has a background in GIS, oceanography, satellite remote sensing and real-time data acquisition. When not sitting in front of a computer, she is most likely out rowing or coaching rowing.


Erika is the lab data wrangler. She has a background in GIS, oceanography, satellite remote sensing and real-time data acquisition. When not sitting in front of a computer, she is most likely out rowing or coaching rowing.



Jie completed his PhD in statistics and mathematics at Xidian University, China. He has worked as postdoc in Dartmouth College since July 2018 with both the Hoen Lab and Professor Jiang Gui. He uses different statistical tools such as time series models and graphical models to decipher complex relationship within the human microbiome and metabolome and associated health outcomes.


Becky Lebeaux, BS

Becky is a PhD student in the Quantitative Biomedical Sciences (QBS) program. She graduated from Emory University with a degree in Anthropology and Human Biology. She is interested in exploring the consequences of antibiotics and vaccines on antimicrobial resistance and species-level taxonomy within the developing infant gut microbiome.


Quang Nguyen, bs

Quang is currently a PhD Student in the QBS program. He graduated from Bates College with a degree in Biochemistry and Mathematics. He is co-mentored by Dr. Anne Hoen and Dr. Robert Frost and is working to understand the relationship between microbial functional redundancy in the microbiome and health outcomes.



Jeffrey is a BA candidate at Dartmouth College majoring in Philosophy with a minor in Chemistry. He enjoys working with data and learning new things.


Sara Lundgren, PHD

Sara is a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland.


Margaret hilliard, ba

Margaret is a graduate of Marlboro College. With a BA in Biology and Biochemistry she is interested in the evolution of inter-individual differences in human breast milk composition and how maternal genetics and environmental exposures influence the development of the infant gut microbiome. She currently works with the Sela Lab at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

WES viles, Phd

Wes is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at University of Southern Maine.


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Opportunities for postdoctoral training are currently available in the Hoen Lab. Possible projects include: 

  • Development of novel computational methods for studying the human microbiota

  • Investigating the environmental drivers of infant intestinal microbiome development

  • Associations between patterns of infant intestinal microbiome establishment and health outcomes in children 

  • Functional characterization of the developing infant gut microbiota using metabolomics 

To apply: Send a CV and list of references here


Opportunities for graduate training are available through the QBS and MCB graduate programs at Dartmouth College.


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